Lambussie District Assembly

Lambussie District Assembly construct small earth dug- outs for Lam-buu community under GPSNP project

The Lambussie District Assembly has constructed Small Earth Dug- out at Lam-buu, a community in the Lambussie district.
This initiative forms part of the Assembly’s efforts in helping to provide residents and farmers in the area with access to water for dry season farming and other domestic purposes.
The construction of the Small Earth Dug- out at Lam-buu formed part of an intervention from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development under the Ghana Social Productive Safety-Net Project (GPSNP) 2022 Support to the District Assemblies in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

In picture is an official (in Orange shirt) from the Lambussie District Assembly addressing resident of Lam-buu during social accountability forum on the GPSNP Small Dug-out project

The sub-project (Construction of Small Earth Dug-Out at Lam-Buu) was extracted from the DMTDP and 2022 Annual Action Plan of the Lambussie District Assembly.
The projects being labour intensive public base (LIPW) had the ability to increase access to employment and cash earnings opportunities for the rural poor through labour intensive public works, which will give equal opportunity for gender, youth as well as people with disability in the community.
The Project which started in 6th May, 2022 benefited a total number of 181 participants including 69 males and 112 females.
The LIPW approach also helped to encourage community participation where both men and women received equal pay or value and also go a long way to forester sense of ownership at local level that is lacking when equipment based method are used.